Founded 1927. The Country Club at DC Ranch (480-502-6905) is part of a giant housing community that is great for younger families. Nowadays, they are becoming the members of expensive country clubs which are mostly situated in USA even though some of their birthplace is in the UK. St. Louis Algonquin Golf Club of St. Louis, Missouri is known as one of the most expensive country clubs in the United States. Golf has been played on the old course since the 15th century. It was also the first 18-hole course in the country and the first club outside of the Northeast to host the U.S. Open. Ever wondered how other country clubs are in different places? Business Insider South Africa rounded up some of the country's most exclusive country clubs. For non-members, they may then be able to compare notes in terms of choosing a country club perfect for him or her. and most expensive course to play in California. Of course getting a tee time at this exclusive club is not easy. In addition to golf clubs, Singapore has a number of other country clubs which are typically less expensive but still provide a wide variety of non-golf amenities. Founded in 1895 as one of the first 100 clubs in America, it is intensely private and shuns attention. Ridglea Country Club 4. For those who are already members of country clubs, what you can do is to check whether the grass is really greener on the other side. We never envisioned when America Top 10 launched way back in 2011 that we would come this far this fast. The membership of this club is almost $195,000. This golf club is one of the most expensive clubs in the world. You must be a guest at an MGM resort JUST to play golf at this man-made course. Pinehurst Country Club – Sand Hills, NC. How much does a Marin Country Club membership cost? Well, membership costs $310,000 with annual dues of another $21,500. Karen Country Club. This web page is designed to provide you with information about the great golf facilities located in our area of the Western North Carolina mountains. Even the members of Augusta aren't all that welcome at Augusta as the 300 or so members are discouraged from using the club too often. Let's take a look at the 10 most exclusive country clubs in the world: You can feel the exclusivity coming just from the name. The club has approximately 7,800 Principal Members with a total membership of approximately 18,000.Initiation fee: $41,700 (£35,000) Los Angeles Country Club #30 in the World. A country club is a privately owned club, ... membership in the country club is often not as exclusive or expensive as in larger cities where there is competition for a limited number of memberships. Bob Hope summed it up best when it comes to Cypress Point. In 1988 a Tokyo based real estate firm by the name of Marukin Shoji Ltd. purchased Riviera for $108M. It is a national treasure where golf has been played since 1744. Rising prices aren't isolated to initiation fees, as North Ridge Country Club, the Triangle's third most expensive, has raised dues by nearly 7 percent over 2005, to $406 a month. Muirfield is the oldest golfing society in the world and generally considered the most exclusive country club on the planet. Like most elite private country clubs in America, it must be owned by the membership and operate as a non-profit, right? Hope was a member of this exclusive club for more than 40 years even though he didn't play there more than six times outside of the annual "Crosby Clambake." Since its creation in 2003, Nanea has quickly become of the most exclusive and secretive clubs in the world. The course (par 72, 6,872 yards) stands on the slopes of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale and is several miles south of most other private clubs in this story. The club has been consistently named as the #1 City Club in America. The Brookline Country Club, or simply referred to as the Country Club, has long been regarded as one the best course in Massachusetts and has played host to 10 Massachusetts State Amateur Championships. Yellowstone is widely recognized for being the world’s only private ski and golf community. Who knows as at the end of the year Cypress Point divides its total operating costs evenly among the members, even if they never used the course. San Francisco Golf Club #27 in the World. For example, many offer fitness centers, tennis courts and swimming pools. A round of golf is about $325 per person. The St. Andrews country club also has both an 18-hole course and a nine-hole course as well as a place for players to practice, improve their skills, or learn the basics of the game. It is considered one of the world's greatest courses and this is where the rules of golf were originally written. Interlachen has perhaps the most famous golf course in Minnesota; in recent years, it has hosted the Solheim Cup (2002) and the U.S. Women’s Open (2008). Denton Country Club. The UK is home to over 2,500 golf clubs and most of them welcome visitors, although there are some only available to the lucky members and their guests. 6. We take pride in helping people find trustworthy sources in their local areas and we hope to keep doing this for a very long time. "The Club," first founded in 1764, became the Blacks Club in 1992 after a makeover of the premises. 3. St. Andrews is the most famous golf course in the world. They were asked which member they'd be playing with. If you can afford to pay the initiation fee of $50,000, you may be able to rub elbows with civic leaders, business owners, and even St. Louis royalty. Annual dues would start at $35,000 a year! The costs, as with most country clubs, will greatly depend on the type of membership you’re looking to sign up for. The oldest courses on this list are in the UK, where the game of golf was born. The members of this exclusive country club take their privacy seriously and don't care for outsiders. How to Join a Country Club. In fact, Pinehurst is now home to the largest number of holes of all the country clubs in the entire world. Fees: Unknown; It’s considered ultra-exclusive and has a strict no ‘movie-star’ policy. St. Louis Algonquin Golf Club is one of the most expensive country clubs in America. This is a public course, yet still very exclusive with rounds costing nearly $500 per person. And we cherish all the wise advice, suggestions, questions, and comments you send us every day even if we do not get a chance to get back with every single one. How much does a Marin Country Club membership cost? Bel-Air Country Club 10768 Bellagio Road, Bel-Air | © 2020 Celebrity Net Worth / All Rights Reserved, © 2015 Celebrity Net Worth / All Rights Reserved. Country clubs members have always been a staple for wealthy men in the United States. The United Kingdom gives the U.S. a run for its money when it comes to challenging and beautiful golf courses, but this course is the king of all courses. If you’re a celebrity, really rich, or a golfer, maybe you’ve seen more than any of us. Golf & Country Club Memberships in Minnesota Whether you are searching for an individual, family, or corporate golf membership, it's important that your Minnesota golf membership provides the right kind of course, environment, and amenities that meet your needs. Also known as the oldest athletic club in America, it now has numerous national and international champions as members. It’s also known as one of the most exclusive clubs in the United States. This members only club is one of the oldest golf clubs in Kenya having been founded in 1937. Bill Gates was denied for years and year simply because he made it known publicly that he'd like to be a member. We are guessing that the Pablo Creek Golf Course has the most expensive initiation fee. Las Vegas’s Shadow Creek Golf Club was previously “the domain of only a privileged few”. Founded in the 1960s, this club makes the most of its Southside location with stunning views over Deep Water Bay. When you've got millions, you don't have to scrimp and compromise the way most people do. Many country clubs offer different levels of membership, and each level has different costs associated with it. Set in the upscale Hamptons, the course has views of windmills and the Peconic Bay. St. Louis Algonquin Golf Club of St. Louis, Missouri is known as one of the most expensive country clubs in the United States. Members pay an initiation fee of almost $50,000 and are then responsible for annual fees of up to $7,000. One of them -- the Alfalfa Club -- is holding its annual banquet on Saturday night. The Barton Creek Foothill and Canyon Golf Club – Texas, U.S. A renowned and exclusive golf club in Singapore, its exquisite golf courses are known for being some of the best in the world. Highlands NC Country Clubs. Seminole Golf Club is so exclusive that they turned down the membership application of golf legend Jack Nicklaus. Most golf clubs (and country clubs) charge a one-time initiation fee to join. It will be the location for the 2023 U.S. Open. St. Louis Algonquin Golf Club of St. Louis, Missouri is known as one of the most expensive country clubs in the United States. Membership is by invitation only and the club is even difficult to find by GPS. Olympic Club of San Francisco is known to be founded by Italians, Germans, and Irish Catholics who supported “relative openness” in terms of membership. Photo: Courtesy of The Hong Kong Country Club. About 16% said they paid less than $10,000 in initiation fees for country club membership and only 15% say they spend less than $1,000 a month at the country club. The golf courses at the 10 most exclusive country clubs are not just challenging, but also offer some of the most amazing views in the world. But if you’re not, or if you’re one of those who are still deciding on which country club to choose, we’ve come up with a list of the most expensive country clubs here in our country. Country Clubs in Atlanta, GA offer you more than relaxation and exercise. If you can play Seminole, you can play any course in the world." This members only club is one of the oldest golf clubs in Kenya having been founded in 1937. Its members call it Brookline, it was founded in 1882, and it is one of the founding clubs of the United States Golf Association. However, the golf course is now open to those who honor and respect the game, those who seek its challenges, and of course, those who can afford it. There is something for every age at most country clubs these days. Most Expensive Golf Course Initiation Fees. The difference is, this list comprises country clubs which are relatively so exclusive that member reviews are not easily available. It is all thanks to you! 1. Opened in 1889 in Newcastle, North Ireland, the Royal County Down Golf Club is one of the oldest country clubs in Ireland. Los Angeles Country Club #30 in the World. And it is all thanks to you. Highlands is blessed with six excellent private country clubs; Highlands Country Club, Highlands Falls Country Club, Mountaintop Golf Club, Old Edwards Club and Wildcat Cliffs Country Club Membership costs at the various Highlands country clubs range from approximately $60,000 to $105,000 with annual dues from $5000 to $15,000. It might not be the most expensive, with only $40 per person, per round, not including equipment hire, but it is definitely home to one of the best courses in the world and playing here is definitely on any golfer's to-do list. Founded in the 1960s, this club makes the most of its Southside location with stunning views over Deep Water Bay. This list also serves other purposes. Muirfield is the home of The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. It cost $250 million to build, making it the most expensive golf course ever built. This isn't just any ol' country club, this is THE Country Club. Robert Steinbeck sipped a beer after playing 18 holes of golf at the Braemar Country Club in Tarzana. Interestingly, the UK clubs tend to be less restrictive when it comes to who can join their clubs. After all that’s what we are here for aren’t we? "Most maintain their exclusiveness through an application process that begins with recommendations by at least two current members followed by an approval by the club's … If you haven’t walked barefoot across the Country Club’s manicured lawn, you’re missing out on a quintessential Hong Kong experience. They drove out 40 members." The costs, as with most country clubs, will greatly depend on the type of membership you’re looking to sign up for. Denver, CO. Denver Country Club is widely recognized for being one the oldest and most exclusive private clubs in the United States. I originally grew up in Houston so I'm familiar with most of the areas discussed in your posts so far, but not familiar with the golf courses or clubs, as I just started to play last year. Photo: Courtesy of The Hong Kong Country Club. After all, money talks. The Country Club, ... off Connecticut is populated by the oldest of the old money crowd and is almost as difficult to get to as it is to join. The 10 Most Expensive Golf Courses On Earth, Tiger Woods Signs Endorsement Deal With Bridgestone Golf, Arnold Palmer Made An Insane Amount Of Money During His Golf Career… And Even More After He Retired. The sentiment still holds true today. This list only supplements the Top 10 Country Clubs we already have, which are based solely on reviews. 10. Interlachen Country Club. Oakmont Country Club is one of the oldest golf clubs in the country and has hosted more combined USGA and PGA championships than any other course in the U.S. To give you choices for you to just easily pick and decide. Not only can you play golf at The Markers Golfers’ Residence Club, you can also stay in any of its 50 residences worldwide. Gaining membership is ridiculously difficult. Your email address will not be published. Average Cost of Other Country Club Memberships in Singapore. Country clubs members have always been a staple for wealthy men in the United States. 11 Of The Most Expensive Private Golf Clubs In New York. National Golf Links of America – Southampton, NY. Fancy Atlanta country clubs: Guess how much they cost to join now A 2015 study sampled 13 of the highest-rated private clubs in Atlanta. Most Exclusive Country Clubs in the US . ET Founded: 1909 The Basics: Situated on the shores of Mirror Lake in Edina, this chummy club attracts a broad cross-section of new and old wealth. These clubs tend to be expensive and exclusive, so joining one is difficult for most people.

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