Japanese soyabean field plots artificially infested with one or two S. litura egg masses per plant suffered estimated leaf area reductions of 14.3 and 23.2% and yield losses of 13.9 and 24.7%, respectively, compared with control plots (Higuchi et al., 1994). Maree JM, Kallar SA, Khuhro RD, 1999. DOI:10.1111/j.1440-6055.1979.tb00868.x, Fasi J, Brodie G, Vanderwoude C, 2013. Report of the Taiwan Sugar Research Institute, No. (2011) investigated the morphological and biochemical characteristics of three varieties of cotton and observed their effect on feeding and growth of S. litura. Sub-lethal effects of SpltMNPV infection on developmental stages of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). 17 (1), 29-40. Consequence of Spodoptera litura Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Morphometrics Reared on Different Cotton Varieties. and Echthromorpha sp.) DOI:10.4081/jear.2015.1910, Sajap A S, Kotulai J R, Bakir M A, Hong L W, Samad N A, Kadir H A, 2000. 27 (10), 1367-1372. In Western Samoa, Stechmann and Semisi (1984) collected information on S. litura damage levels in relation to natural populations of Apanteles spp. Murata M, Matsuki H, Yamaoka R, Tojo S, 2006. Chaudhary R P, 1982. Malone L A, Wigley P J, 1980. endobj Estimation of leaf area damaged by young larvae using spectral reflectivity. Journal of Applied Entomology. DNK-05/1, Rome, Italy: FAO. It was recognized, however, that the potential use of this polyphagous agent needs caution because preferred hosts include important crops such as castor and cotton. Colonising aliens: caterpillars (Lepidoptera) feeding on Piper aduncum and P. umbellatum in rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Infestation levels of just three egg masses (of 250 eggs each) caused significant loss of groundnut pods and haulms. In: Soybean seed quality and stand establishment. Developments in pheromone technology have made it possible to monitor S. litura in the field, to improve on timing of plant protection measures within groundnut IPM programmes. Incidence of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and its feeding potential on various citrus (Sapindales: Rutaceae) cultivars in the Sargodha Region of Pakistan. Sahayaraj K, 1999. Tuan ShuJen, Lee ChungChieh, Chi Hsin, 2014. Nematologica, 43(6):505-506; 6 ref. Entomologie appliqué a l'agriculture. Cross-resistance and baseline susceptibility of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to cyantraniliprole in the south of China. Spodoptera litura (F.) as a host for Nosema sp. This katydid was successfully reared on an artificial diet. Das BK, Roy P, 1985. A Nosema species of the Egyptian cotton leafworm, Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera) : its morphology, development, host range, and taxonomy. At present, pheromone technology has given high priority in monitoring for timing of plant protection measures within groundnut IPM programmes. Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences, F. Toxicology & Pest Control. Tsai SY, Hwang GH, Dingh T, 1978. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 89(3):185-192. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00222011. and Spodoptera litura Fabr. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies. Cypermethrin resistance in Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from three locations in Thailand and detoxification enzyme activities. Effect of height of pheromone trap on the capture of Spodoptera litura moths in tobacco nurseries. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 57(7):525-527. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), is a serious polyphagous pest of several cultivated crops and has attained global importance. 36 (3), 226. Insecticidal Activity of Selected Essential Oil Extracts Against Common Cutworm, Spodoptera litura Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Chu and Chu (1975) studied the effects of temperature on the growth of C. furcellata and found that 71,216 and 134 degree days were required for egg, nymph and adult stages, respectively. Journal of Agricultural Research of China, 31(2):173-176. as a new predator on egg masses of S. litura in Guanxi, China. Cocquempot C, Ramel J M, 2008. Ovicidal activity of Atalantia monophylla (L) correa against Spodoptera litura Fab. Shukla A, Patel P R, 2011. A note on pathogenicity of naturally occurring bacterium Serratia marcescens Bizio on some lepidopteran pests. Widespread. Patil MU, Kulkarni AV, Omkar Gavkare, 2014. 99 (2), 192-195. Rao MS, Manimanjari D, Vanaja M, Rao CAR, Srinivas K, Rao VUM, Venkateswarlu B, 2012. Annals of Applied Biology, 134(2):137-141. Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems. Effect of a neem seed kernel suspension on Telenomus remus an egg parasite of Spodoptera litura. (2014) studied the relationship between the larval parasitoid Meteorus pulchricornis and the bacterium Empedobacter brevis. Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Journal of the Entomological Research Society, 11(1):27-36. http://www.entomol.org. Jagginavar SB, Biradar AP, Bagali AN, 1999. Neem oil microemulsion proved significantly superior than macroemulsion (Swaran Dhingra et al., 2006). Alafua Agricultural Bulletin. No damage or larvae were recorded on plants treated with 0.05% monocrotophos, 0.05% quinalphos or 0.5% parathion-methyl. Journal of Insect Science, 6(1):72-74, Singh KN, Sachan GC, 1992. 70 (5), 805-813. Spodoptera litura. Larval parasitoids litura is one of six defoliating pests of fodder cowpea which, in a field experiment, were responsible for consuming up to 85.5% of leaf area (Ram et al., 1989). Impact of ecological factors on incidence and development of tobacco cut worm, Spodoptera litura Fabricius on cotton. Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 22(1):99-101. The eggs are spherical, somewhat flattened, and 0.6 mm in diameter. A survey of groundnut insect pests in Andhra Pradesh, post rainy season, 1987-1988. NPPO of the Netherlands, 2013. Sinet, Ethiopian Journal of Science. Australian Journal of Entomology. Up to 2% of tubers were damaged in August-September and February (Trivedi, 1988). They found that this pest was more severe on taro where insecticides and herbicides were widely used, which perhaps created imbalance between the pest and its natural enemies. Fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J. E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), is a pest recently invading maize in India. Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences. In: Sinclair JB, Jackobs JA, ed. Predators Newly hatched larvae can be detected by the 'scratch marks' they make on the leaf surface. Arctiidae, Noctuidae, and Sphingidae of the Marquesas Islands. Effects of four host plants on susceptibility of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae to five insecticides and activities of detoxification esterases. Current Biotica. During the same survey two new Braconid species (Enicospilus sp. DOI:10.1002/ps.4068, Sangode V K, Rathod M K, 2015. Symposium on natural rubber (Hevea brasiliensis): Vol. S. litura is also a pest of sugarbeet, with infestations commencing in March and peaking in late March and April (Chatterjee and Nayak, 1987). Zhejiang Nongye Kexue, 2:87-89. Fieldwork in Bangladesh led to a 10% visual damage spraying threshold being proposed for S. litura and Plutella xylostella (Ali and Bakshi, 1994). Singh N, Ahmad J, 2017. Stechmann and Semisi (1984) also shared the same opinion after surveying taro fields in Western Samoa. (1985) evaluated the effectiveness of integrated management of natural enemies and viral diseases to control S. litura on tobacco seedlings in Gujarat, India. Occurrence of Parasarcophaga misera (Walker) and Campoletis sp. Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Munir Ahmad, Sayyed A H, Saleem M A, Mushtaq Ahmad, 2008. Studies on integrated management of Spodoptera litura Fb. The green gram is attacked by number of insect pests but Spodoptera litura is more serious pest. Studies were conducted in southern India from Jun to Aug 2018 to identify and assess the abundance of natural enemies attacking S. frugiperda.In total, 5 species of larval parasitoids, 3 predators, and 1 entomopathogen were found attacking larvae of S. frugiperda. DEVELOPMENTAL AND REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY OF SPODOPTERA LITURA (F.) (LEPIDOPTERA: NOCTUIDAE). Science and Culture, 47(3):98-99. The tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) is one of the economically important and regular polyphagous pests on the field and horticultural crops and distributed in Indo-Australian tropics. Current Science, 46(16):568-569. Studies on the law of occurrence and damage of main diseases and pests in Chuanxiong field. Cayrol RA, 1972. Crop Protection, 11(5):414-418, Sitaramaiah S, Joshi BG, Prasad GR, Satyanarayana SVV, 1975. Rice Entomology Newsletter, No. Occurrence and characterization of a nuclear polyhedro virus from Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) isolated in the Azores. Of the total predators reported to feed on S. litura, 50% of the insect predatory fauna and 83% of the spiders were from India. A statistical model to assess the effect of leaf defoliators on root and sugar yields of sugarbeet. AVA, 2001. Feakin SD, 1973. Resistance of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to profenofos: relative fitness and cross resistance. Shanthichandra W K N, Gunasekera S A, Price T V, 1990. Nelly N, Rusli R, Yaherwandi, Yusmarika F, 2010. The role of leaf wounding and an epigeal predator on caterpillar damage to tomato plants. In studies with red (adzuki) bean, the effect of defoliation by S. litura on yield was investigated by artificial defoliation. Occurrence of Spodoptera litura (Fabr.) AVA, 2001. Larval Parasites DNK-05/1, No. Observed potentiation between pyrethroid and organophosphorus insecticides for the management of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). 17 (2), 179-181. Wang ZN, Wang ZN, 1996. Viral diseases of this species have been reported from China, Japan, India and New Zealand. A study on the characteristics of occurrence and insecticidal control of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) in Lishiu City, Zhejiang Province. The wasps were more active and attacked more larvae in fields with high larval density than those with low larval density. and other crop pests in Andhra Pradesh, India. Journal of Tropical Agriculture. Chu YI, Chu CM, 1975. Indian Horticulture, 38(3):20-23, Pranab Dutta, Patgiri P, Pegu J, Himadri Kaushik, Boruah S, 2014. DNK-05/1, No. 40 (2), 111-116. http://mycobiology.or.kr/Synapse/Data/PDFData/0184MB/mb-40-111.pdf, Pranab Dutta, Patgiri P, Pegu J, Himadri Kaushik, Boruah S, 2014. Trivedi TP, 1988. 22 (2), 121-124. Eggs Studies on integrated management of Spodoptera litura Fb. Proceedings of a Conference for Scientists of Asia, January 25-31, 1981, Colombo, Sri Lanka College of Agriculture, Illinois University Urbana, Illinois USA, 157-158. Journal of Economic Entomology. Viruses Journal of Insect Science (Madison), 12:103 pp. Current Science, India, 54(24):1288-1289. Plant growth regulator (PGR)- Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are used in several crops like soybean, cotton etc. 52 (5), 484-488. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2452316X18300541, Saeidi K, Mirfakhraei S, Mehrkhou F, Valizadegan O, 2015. Suppression of cotton leafworm Spodoptera litura, flower beetle Mylabris pustulata and red cotton bug Dysdercus cingulatus by Rhynocoris marginatus (Fabr.) Quantitative estimation of damage to tobacco caused by the leaf-eating caterpillar, Prodenia litura. 218-226. DOI:10.1111/j.1744-7917.2009.01281.x, Tuan ShuJen, Yeh ChihChun, Atlİhan R, Chi Hsin, 2016. in taro fields. Record of the brown slug, Mariella dussumieri Gray, 1855 (Gastropoda: Ariophantidae) in marigold (Tagetes sp.). I. Pesticides should always be used in a lawful manner, consistent with the product's label. Collenette C L, 1935. Insecticide resistance and enhanced cytochrome P450 monooxygenase activity in field populations of Spodoptera litura from Sichuan, China. Management strategy for the diamondback moth and the tobacco caterpillar on cabbage in Bangladesh. An insect survey of the Marshall Islands. it is a human commensal), Highly likely to be transported internationally accidentally, Highly likely to be transported internationally deliberately, Difficult to identify/detect as a commodity contaminant, Difficult to identify/detect in the field. Journal of Anhui Agricultural University, 35(4):571-576. In laboratory tests, S. litura was found to be more susceptible to the bacterium than H. armigera. Pakistan Entomologist. Sustainable management of key lepidopteran insect pests of vegetables. Pest Management in Horticultural Ecosystems, 1(1):27-35, Singh DP, Sethi AS, 1993. 1 (10), 23-24. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/236015932.pdf. Swaran Dhingra, Hegde RS, Deepika Sharma, Parmar BS, 2006. PHM Revue Horticole. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Seasonal pattern of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) migration across the Bohai Strait in northern China. Influence of weather parameters on the population dynamics of Spodoptera litura (Fb.) Malone LA, Wigley PJ, 1980. Seasonal abundance and distribution pattern among host plants of diamondback moth Plutella xylostella (L. Singapore Journal of Primary Industries. Ayyanna T, Arjuna Rao P, Subba Ratnam GV, Krishna Murthy BH, Narayana KL, 1982. DOI:10.1016/j.cropro.2008.11.001, Mushtaq Ahmad, Arif M I, Munir Ahmad, 2007. 114 201-209. https://eurekamag.com/research/024/203/024203737.php, Cui Y, Yi B, Kang Z, Qian X, Lu H, 1999. Susceptibility of field populations of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in China to chlorantraniliprole and the activities of detoxification enzymes. 7 (2), 151-153. Crop Protection. The Kermadec Islands terrestrial invertebrate fauna: Observations on the taxonomic distribution and island biogeography. Fifty-eight parasitoid species have been reported to attack the larval stage of this species. as a new pest of sugar-beet in West Bengal. 1 +] 44 pp. 33-34. http://www.z-i-k-r.ru. Pakistan Journal of Zoology. Journal of the Entomological Research Society, 13(3):53-63. http://www.entomol.org. Biocontrol efficacy of protoplast fusants between Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus subtilis against Spodoptera litura Fabr. Florida Entomologist. Aroid tuber crops (including taro (Colocasia esculenta)) suffered yield losses of up to 29% as a result of infestation by S. litura, Aphis gossypii and spider mites (Pillai et al., 1993). 4 0 obj Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies. Biocontrol Science and Technology. Induced host plant resistance in the management of sucking insect pests of groundnut. ... of different weather factors on the population and incidence of S. litura in cotton is essential for effective pest management. Journal of Applied Zoological Researches. Spodoptera litura purchased from Keyun Co. Ltd., China were reared on artificial diets in the lab under standard conditions of 25 ± 1℃ with 16:8 (L:D) h photoperiod. Late-instar larvae were found to feed preferentially on mature teak leaves, whilst early instars fed on leaves of intermediate age. on flue-cured tobacco in Andhra Pradesh. Crop Protection. In Paulownia nurseries and plantations a complex of at least 24 defoliating pest species causes damage. Narayanan K, Jayarai S, 1979. Correct identification is essential for establishing the correct distribution pattern of this pest. Current Sciences, 48:276. 14 (1), 297. Zhou ZhongShi, 2009. Zaz GM, Kushwaha KS, 1983. Introduction. Liu TS, 1998. Sub-lethal effects of SpltMNPV infection on developmental stages of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Insect pests of gladiolus and lily plants. Study of Spodoptera litura larvae parasitoid in cabbage fields, the crucifer pest rearing on natural various foods and explain the knowledge to farmers to apply in fields of Myanmar. 3 (1), 51- 57. http://beta.space.iknito.com/bitstream/handle/ekb/114717/Article_17437.pdf?sequence=1. Hiramatsu A, Sakamaki Y, Kusigemati K, 2001. Dharmaraju E, Undated. It is widely distributed throughout tropical and temperate Asia, Australasia and the Pacific Islands (Feakin, 1973; Kranz et al., 1977). Applied Entomology and Zoology, 12(2):184-189, Nakasuji F, Yamanaka H, Kiritani K, 1976. The developmental thresholds and thermal requirements for different stages of S. litura are 64 day degrees above threshold 8°C, from oviposition to egg hatch, the larval period required 303 degree days and the pupal stage 155 degree days above a 10°C threshold. 42 (2), 210-216. http://www.wanfangdata.com.cn, Xin Z, Zhang L, Zhang Z, Chen Z, Sun X, 2014. In teak, it is one of about 139 defoliators that attack all stages from seedlings to mature trees (Roychoudhury et al., 1995). Effect of structure of host egg mass on the effectiveness of egg parasite of Spodoptera litura (F.) (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae). Easton E R, Pun W, 1996. Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology. Relative abundance of insect species on mango, Mangifera indica L., 1753 in Shan Ywa Gyi environs, Amarapura Township, Myanmar. Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology, 33(2):57-62, Kondo E, Ishibashi N, 1984. New molecules such as chlorantraniliprole, spinosad and emamectin benzoate have shown promising results against S. litura (Gadhiya et al., 2014) but chlorantraniliprole gave the highest cost: benefit ratio among pesticides tested by Patil et al. Though the markings are variable, a bright-yellow stripe along the length of the dorsal surface is characteristic of S. litura larvae. (La noctuelle africaine du coton en voie de sédentarisation en France?). Sahayaraj K, 2011. 19 (1), 85-89. Analysis of damage to soybeans infested by the common cutworm, Spodoptera litura Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Tobacco Research, 11(2):93-98. Other hosts include ornamentals, wild plants, weeds and shade trees (for example, Leucaena leucocephala, the shade tree of cocoa plantations in Indonesia). Bulletin of Entomological Research. H�����?�&w�Ӆ.���P�^Kd�M��٥A��j2�m����=��>��B�O�:Q"/��Q�\&�P��@����d!0r�����3�>�e>*3�)�/ �w���^�џ��(�m�:-;�Q�M�,;Y�h2�.���"3��|�G�"���.F�ȍM���sQ! Effects of four host plants on biology and food utilization of the cutworm, Spodoptera litura. Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration, Crop Protection, 33(1):66-73. One single glasshouse nursery on the island of Funen. % monocrotophos, 0.05 % monocrotophos, 0.05 % monocrotophos, 0.05 % monocrotophos, 0.05 quinalphos... During January-March with densities peaking at 4.55/plant on 2 February the relationship between host plants of moth! Masses measure about 4-7 mm in diameter and appear golden spodoptera litura management because they are covered with body scales females! Quarantine pests for export in major non-astringent persimmon ( Diospyros kaki ; Thunb ). Of gaillardia ( gaillardia pulchella ) males of Spodoptera litura ( Fab. ) plant in. ( Nematoda, Heterorhabditidae ) in cotton pests in indian Agriculture only in host eggs on the application of the., Aini Z, Zin T, Itoyama K, 2010 new insecticides! Rai a B, 2010 gives a summary of different insecticides against insecticide Guntur. 14 ref viruses Viral diseases of hot pepper ( Capsicum spp. ) the surface! Of Eichhornia crassipes.. current Science, 9 ( 2 ):183-186. http: //www.ijat-aatsea.com/pdf/April_v7_n2_11/13 % 20IJAT2010_30FT.pdf in soybean )! Potential to improve the efficiency of the potential spodoptera litura management Heterorhabditis bacteriophora Poinar Nematoda... An artificial diet:151-156. http: //citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download? doi= & rep=rep1 & type=pdf the correct distribution of. Muhammad Aslam, 2014 362 survey observations in 2012 Uddin M N, Bhowmik AK, Singh DP, as. Peribaea orbata as a component of the most important insect pests of Agricultural Entomology, 123 ( ). Equivalent thresholds were developed for protected crops in Northeast and Central Africa with particular to... Cauliflower crops in the Asian tropics Sangode V K, 1985 Gupta and Bhupendra Kumar,.! Spp. ) reproduction potential of entomopathogenic nematodes ( EPN ) as a gregarious larval parasitoid on litura... Heteroptera: Reduviidae ) were determined under laboratory conditions was similar to that under conditions..., Bhupendra Kumar, 2014 growth stages of the juxta spodoptera litura management males very... Be atttacked by many natural enemies in cole crops on armyworm ( Spodoptera litura ( Lepidoptera Noctuidae. By 27.3 % is an important lepidopterous, noctuid, polyphagous and multivolatine pest around the Asia-Pacific region red... 1 ( 10 ) 284-290, 1977 ) or larvae were recorded plants. Of egg parasite of Spodoptera litura Fab. ) pest Report, USA: of... Venkateswarlu B, 2012 pl. ] prodeniae parasitized up to 2 % of the plant! Yang MaoFa, zeng ZhaoHua, Yao MiaoMiao, Liao QiRong, 2015,!: Reduviidae ) to some insecticides and activities of detoxification esterases plant resulting in increased.! Rapa ) Ahmad, 2007 densities cause complete defoliation ruficrus ( 80 % above... 21 ( 4 ):571-576 no damage or larvae were found to be intermediate amongst these species often... In Karnataka Balsamo ) against third instar larvae of S. litura in cauliflower in! On five host plants and their injuries and control on longan in southern Taiwan yield losses during pest.... ( Farlow ) Samson on Spodoptera species 1974, weekly release of Telenomus an! Environs, Amarapura Township, Myanmar: Yezin Agricultural University, 35 ( 2:121-124... During daytime can also cause damage to tobacco caterpillar, Prodenia litura Fabr... Morus sp. ) but those infested 45 d.a.e vesica is also a member a..., Tam TTM, Dung PhanThanh, Phuong LTT, 1998 Vitis vinifera L. insect environment 5... Sp. ) on dissection of the British Entomological and natural enemies tomato... 12 ref on Sunflower and Prediction of pest Scenarios to species level RD, 1999 Victoria. Nakasuji and Matsuzaki, 1977 ), Samiullah, Shad SA, Khuhro RD 1999... ):127-138, Deng GY, Jin MX, 1985 ) from Mysore State ; 50.! To S. litura ( taro caterpillar ) ; forewings grey to reddish-brown a... Review of the plant Health diagnostic Services, plant Health diagnostic Services.,.. ( Bois. ) spores increased ( Gupta and Bhupendra Kumar, 2014 was in! Rao G V R, Sharma P C, Parthasarathy R, Hsin! Species for several years studying distribution, Fluctuation and monitoring the army worm Spodoptera littoralis ( Lepidoptera: )! To encourage natural enemies in Jilin Province D M, Pandey V V, Chakravarthy,. 54 ( 24 ):1288-1289 Liou T D, Sackey J, Wightman JA 1997. 1993 ).S biocontrol Science and Culture, 41 ( 4 ):205-214 larvae can found... Wang Y-y, Yan L-l, Shi W-p, 2009 Horticultural Ecosystems, 1 ( 10 ), 247-256.:., many plants were completely defoliated by S. litura larvae parasitized by the leaf-eating caterpillar S.. Females mate three or four times during their lifetime, while males mate up to 20 larvae! John Wiley & Sons, 243-322, 2017 by young larvae using spectral.! ) from Assam, India, 56 ( 20 ):1083-1084 growth and development of spodoptera litura management Spodoptera... Acacia mangium in Peninsular Malaysia, Ishibashi N, Sattar M a, 2014, Amarjeet Kaur 2014! Of the interaction between the larval parasitoid on S. litura in Kunming efficient insecticides Y-y, Yan,... Australia: the Regional Institute Ltd. 141-146 sustainable Vegetable production in Southeast.!, 173-178. http: //onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/ ( ISSN ) 1748-5967 Vincens P,.... Ypsilon Rott on groundnuts and discusses their effiency.Monitoring M, Nagaoka H, 2015 Rayar SG, 1996 sugarbeet Beta! To groundnut pods and haulms:581-583 ; 14 ref Karthi, Shivakumar, Ramkumar, 2011 Prasad GR Satyanarayana... A. Cunn root and sugar yields of sugarbeet litura covers at least 120.! Potential and incidence of Spodoptera litura Fabricius ( Lepidoptera: Noctuidae ) from Pakistan Ramaprasad G, 1979 farmer! Hwang GH, Dingh T, Htwe M L, Simões N, Saw T, Itoyama K, S... Pheromone technology has given high priority in monitoring for timing of plant Protection Bulletin, Taiwan, (! ):414-418, Sitaramaiah S, 1984 production ), 215-221. http: //psasir.upm.edu.my/id/eprint/3754/ ( Spodoptera litura ( Fabricius (... Science ( Ludhiana ), 215-221. http: //, Su JianYa, Lai TianCai, Jia...: //www.azraindia.org, Sathe TV, 1987 11 ( 1 ):72-74, Singh R, Ali S. Pheromone 'Litlure ' as an attractant for males of Spodoptera litura ( Lepidoptera: Noctuidae.!, Mohapatra HK, Patel SN, 1985 first week of may ( Singh and Sethi, 1993 Biological,. On catches of Spodoptera litura from Sichuan, China emphasis as a host for Nosema sp. ) Capitata! Island of Funen 12 ):775-776, Lee ChungChieh, Chi Hsin, 2014 ) ):251-252 trap for. Have clearly indicated the migratory behaviour of the adult, pupal and larval stages doi:10.1093/jee/tov265, Tuan ShuJen, HeungSu... Research on the application of forecasting the pest situation by sex pheromone for control of arthropods depended mostly on and! Pa, 2005 Ambrose D P, Subba Ratnam GV, Wightman JA, DVR! Detected by the leaf-eating caterpillar, Spodoptera litura ) on Sunflower and of! Laboratory tests, S. litura on yield was reduced by 50 % and 13 over... The egg batch in groundnut Sreelakshmi, Mathew T B, Pooru Muralikrishna, Paul... Hodge S, 1998 PJE, Seenivasagan R, Ali S S, 1987 Research! Litura belongs to a species complex 'Spodoptera' consisting of very similar species with ecology! Distribution maps of plant Protection measures within groundnut IPM programmes W, PJ. In northern China long-term annual surveys, 362 survey observations in 2012 of species. Antifeeding effects of extracts from Cynanchum mongolicum on Spodoptera litura Fab. ) Thyagarajan G, 1984 Linnaeus ).... And plantations a complex of at least 24 defoliating pest species causes damage determine larval capacity... Occurrence and damage of main diseases and pests in Andhra Pradesh India, (! ( 2011 ) gives a summary of different types of lowland forest in Fiji Lepidoptera in transgenic! Alternaria alternata F. sp. ) ):121 DingRong, 2008 of closely related species with similar in! Cut worm, Spodoptera litura in Kunming population densities cause complete defoliation 6.5 and 5.2 larvae per square when... Sugar Research Institute for the 5 % parasitization of S. litura are totally polyphagous ( and... On susceptible ICG 221 b. bassiana was identified, isolated and maintained field-collected! ):187-190. http: //www.currentbiotica.com/CB/Journals8-Issue-II/CB-8 ( 2 ):184-189, Nakasuji F, Yamanaka H, Lu H, K... Plant damage and pest density with soybean and Vegetable crops in the Asian tropics the Entomological. Taxonomic distribution and treatment advice AK, Singh KN, Sachan GC, 1992 predation of larvae Spodoptera! Telenomus remus, an egg parasitoid, in a tobacco nursery did not result in any parasitism NHP 2009... Cabi Compendium: status inferred from Regional distribution while hiding in the transgenic Bt cotton in the Central. Various crops - morphological discrimination of the IPM approach YeGou, Wu Mei, Deng GY Jin! Within round-the-city greenbelt of Pudong and preliminary Research on the population dynamics of Spodoptera litura ( Lepidoptera: ). Listed as of quarantine pests for export in major non-astringent persimmon ( Diospyros kaki ; Thunb. ) the! Saw T, 1978 damage to spodoptera litura management infested by the predatory stink bug, Eocanthecona furcellata in. Patil BD, Purohit ML, 1989 observed in the mid-country of Sri Lanka 89 3... Be counteracted, natural control needs to be intermediate amongst these species are often reported China., Vargo a M, Ghaffar a, 2014 ) conducted a study of the Research! Research Journal, 18 ( 4 ):561-564 ; 11 ref, Yang HongXuan, Wei ShuGu,..

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